Healthcare trends in 2023

2023 Healthcare Trends

“Change is the only constant in life.” – Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

There is no record of Heraclitus working in the 5th-century-B.C. equivalent of healthcare, but his thoughts on change certainly match what doctors, nurses and caregivers experience each day in our 21st century world. And change can be exciting!

Looking to 2023, change will continue with new areas to explore and variations on existing services, including:

A.I. – For years this has meant “Artificial Intelligence,” but a new variation is “Augmented Intelligence.”  The new AI encourages the use of artificial intelligence to enhance the intelligence of caregivers rather than replace it.

Wearable devices – It may have started with Fitbit, but today Apple Watches are FDA approved for use as medical devices. The company is conducting separate studies with Stanford University and Johnson & Johnson to see how future versions can provide even more information.

More data – If some information is good, a lot of information may be better. The ability to gather more information about an individual’s health is allowing for improved treatments, reducing diagnosis costs and eventually improving patient health.

Through it all Identiplus Healthcare Solutions is here to work with those who are committed to serving patients and patient families. Identiplus products have always been made with quality healthcare in mind. Our wristbands and labels help providers to:

o   Simplify processes

o   Assist with labelling/documentation

o   Minimize oversights 


So cheers to 2023 and the exciting advancements in healthcare including embracing the latest technology and considering a new provider for your wristbands and labels.