Benefits of a Domestic Supplier

In today’s ever-changing business environment, companies are looking to partner with vendors they can rely on. In the United States, that can mean looking for products that are made and shipped in the USA. The following are several benefits of working with a domestic provider, with an assist from (and read to the end for special information from Identiplus).

Streamlined Procurement

Around the world supply chain issues are causing backorder delays. But when you order domestically from a manufacturer who secures materials in the United States, those delays are rarely an issue. Look for a partner who maintains a healthy inventory and can ship in-stock products quickly, and deliver them to your door in a matter of days.

Lower Cost

Dealing internationally can not only impact how long it takes to get your products, but how much it is going to cost you. Importing products through customs is a cost you don’t want to incur. Domestic partnerships eliminate customs fees, as well as any additional expense that comes from overseas manufacturing.

Patient in bed

More Flexibility

When patient volume is high and you need to focus greater attention to patient care, the last thing you need is to learn items are out of stock – and you aren’t sure when you will have them. Domestic partners have the flexibility to meet your demands and greater availability of products and materials to continue meeting your needs. It’s always easier to fill a last-minute order and deliver it across town than across an ocean.

Boosting Credibility

They say when the water level goes up, all boats rise. In business, this means when products are developed, manufactured and purchased in the United States, the economy grows for everyone, not just a few. Domestic partnerships make good business sense. 

Good for the Environment

Mother Nature always appreciates a little love. Working domestically means business decisions that positively impact the carbon footprint by using less fuel and energy, creating fewer emissions and generally being kinder to the environment. That’s good business and good for our communities.

Now, that special information…when Identiplus is designated as Primary Supplier, on average, facilities save 15-20%. Contact us for a free cross reference and samples. Click here to learn more.


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