Buy direct and everyone wins (except the middleman)

Control and Cost; two words that are forever front of mind for a purchasing manager or anyone who oversees product supply. So why not cut your facility’s costs and regain control over inventory by working directly with a manufacturer? That’s right go straight to the source. notes: “It’s a good choice to buy directly from a manufacturer. The pricing will be better…lead times will be more reliable, and you can be more confident that you’re getting what you ordered.” This is especially true when working with a domestic manufacturer that helps solve your challenges with customer solutions, all completed in-house!

The cost savings are real, too. Working through a reseller can result in additional markup costs, at a time when most profit margins have never been thinner.

Supply chain challenges seem to ebb and flow, and the only constant is that something, somewhere is likely to be delayed at some point in the coming months. Most of this is out of your control. What you can control is working directly with a manufacturer to maintain a better grip on availability and quality of your material needs, which often leads to quicker delivery.

Need something else to consider? reminds you, “One more invisible cost that is often overlooked is the time spent looking for supplies or waiting for someone to deliver what they need.” The value of your time should not be overlooked. Anything that makes it easier for your facility to spend more facetime with patients is worth exploring.

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