Laser Wristbands and Labels

Laser Wristbands and Labels Enhance Healthcare

The Joint Commission, which supports healthcare institutions and professionals, says patient identification processes are a constant in healthcare – which is why wrong-patient errors are never-ending. These errors can lead to the wrong patient being provided with treatment, treatment delays, or even serious harm or death.

To ensure proper identification, laser labels and wristbands have been widely adopted to improve patient safety, streamline processes and save time.

Laser labels and wristbands contain important information such as name, date of birth, medical records and more. These reduce the risk of misidentification, allowing healthcare professionals to provide the right treatment to the right individual.

Laser labels and wristbands also streamline processes, leading to improved efficiency for healthcare facilities. Laser wristbands applied to new patients upon arrival reduce the time spent on manual data entry. And wristbands also serve as a reference for healthcare providers during consultations, enabling them to access critical patient information at a glance.  

Identiplus Healthcare Solutions provides reliable and accurate patient identification solutions that allow for maximum patient security and comfort. Laser wristbands enable healthcare professionals to save time by simultaneously printing patient wristbands and charting labels. 

Patient security and care starts with proper identification. Identiplus is committed to helping healthcare facilities save time, reduce errors, and enhance patient safety.