Get Started on Savings this Year with Identiplus's QuickStart Program

Make the QuickStart Program Part of Your New Year's Resolution

A diary entry from Scottish writer Anne Halkett on Jan. 2, 1671, included a number of pledges she made under the heading, “Resolutions.” No one can say for certain that Halkett specifically tied these pledges to the start of the new year, but the idea has certainly gained momentum over the past 350 years or so.

New Year’s Resolutions are almost always based on trying to be a little better; exercise more, be kinder to people, volunteer more of your time, etc. But how can this apply at the office or healthcare facility where you work? Well, what if you learned there were “better ways” to do things, rather than the same way you have always done them? 

Identiplus – producers of the highest-quality patient identification solutions – helps healthcare facilities find better ways through our QuickStart program. QuickStart is designed to find fast and easy savings in the short term and efficiency and standardization in the long run. When a facility provides a usage report, Identiplus will make recommendations for immediate savings on drop-in products. Once the initial savings are achieved, Identiplus works with the facility to make standardization recommendations and a conversion plan for even more savings. 

The QuickStart program is free. That’s right, there is no obligation for a facility to learn if there is, indeed, a better way than what they are doing today.

So, if your business New Year’s Resolutions include finding better ways to save money and eliminate skus, a QuickStart may be just the thing for you. Anne Halkett may even add it to her list.