Medical Alert Wristbands

Enhancing Safety Through Our Commitment to Patient Care

Healthcare workers are pulled in a dozen different directions during a work shift. From responding to emergencies to simply being present when a patient needs a friendly face and a gentle touch, each interaction is important because of the benefit it brings. And patient safety is at the heart of every touchpoint.

National Patient Safety Awareness Week, a chance to recognize and celebrate patient safety efforts, is March 10-16. This year’s theme, Safer Together, is a reminder that patient care is the responsibility of many, not just one. Everyone benefits when we all commit to helping patients improve. The Center for Patient Safety states, “For effective, safe care, we must be able to provide care in a kind and collaborative environment. Patients and family members should be involved in the care process and ask, ‘How can we work together to make my care safer?’”

When it comes to patient safety, one of the most valuable tools is also one of the smallest, though it is never overlooked by healthcare providers. Identiplus medical wristbands provide so much value packed into a thin strap of Tyvek® or Poly that just a glance easily communicates a patient’s allergies, special precautions and medical care needs, keeping them safe.

o   Tyvek wristbands are made from synthetic, waterproof DuPont Tyvek® and have a strong adhesive closure. They are sequentially numbered for added security.

o   Poly wristbands are produced with a soft back layer to increase patient comfort during longer stays and feature a single-use snap closure.

Take the time to celebrate the women and men who provide safe care throughout all aspects of healthcare. And join with them in providing support for those who need help the most. Together, we can all be Safer Together!