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Hope. A simple word that can carry tremendous weight. For a family whose newborn child is in the care of a Neonatal Intensive Care team, there is nothing stronger than “hope.”

September is Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness Month, “designed to honor families experiencing a stay in the neonatal intensive care unit and the health professionals who care for them.” Caring for a child is a team effort, and carrying for a NICU child calls for a delicate balance of skill, heart and (here’s that word again) hope to bring about a positive outcome.

For the past decade, Project Sweet Peas has brought together professionals, parents and families nationwide to highlight that no one faces these challenges alone. Their mission: “To expand resources for NICUs nationwide, ensuring that these critical care units have access to the tools and support they need to provide the best possible care.”

Support NICUs this month and every month. Their special work serving the youngest and most vulnerable children positively impacts all of us.