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Striving for Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Whatever the role, wherever the location, a goal for all healthcare workers is to be just a bit better today than yesterday. This commitment to improvement happens across the industry and benefits from teamwork between suppliers and facility staff.

When it comes to patient care, Institute of Medicine highlight six goals as the basis for quality improvement:

  1. Safe: Avoiding harm to patients during their medical treatment.
  2. Effective: Providing medical services to patients who could benefit from them and avoiding the use of services that are unlikely to result in better patient outcomes.
  3. Timely: Reducing wait times and delays for appointments and treatment.
  4. Efficient: Avoiding waste of medical equipment, supplies, time and energy.
  5. Equitable: Ensuring quality of care does not vary because of patient characteristics like gender, ethnicity, geography and socioeconomics.
  6. Patient-centered: Respecting individual patient preferences and ensuring that patients are valued and involved in decisions related to their care.


There are no small jobs when it comes to treating patients. Everyone who touches an aspect of the healthcare industry is committed to care.