Reduce Cost & Improve Safety by Consolidating Wristbands

Healthcare facilities are constantly challenged to lower cost and improve efficiencies.  Often, the opportunity to review and improve the patient banding process is dismissed due to a perception that changing solutions would be complicated and the benefits would be minimal. Are you currently using a laser or thermal wristband? Do you print thermal or laser chart labels? Do you apply individual wristbands for each alert? Are you interested in achieving a 25-50% savings on patient ID without sacrificing patient safety or comfort? If you answered “yes” to these questions, a simple conversion awaits.

The first step in the new solution is to retire your thermal or laser wristband and adopt a poly shield wristband from Identiplus. Our poly shield wristbands are extremely cost-effective and accept the largest variety of patient ID labels on the market. Simply print a sheet or a strip of chart labels and apply one label to the face of the shield band. The laminating shield protects the patient information and ensures grade A barcode scanning rates. Poly shield wristbands are soft, the snap closure is secure and tamper-proof, and the wide band face makes locating and scanning the barcode easy. 

 Poly Shield Images

The second step in improving patient safety is adopting soft alert clasps. Our clasps fit nicely on the poly shield wristband, whether the patient requires one or multiple alerts. Colorful claps are always visible on the main patient ID band and never run the risk of disappearing behind it. They are comfortable and easy to apply. 

Soft Alert Clasps

Identiplus has secure, comfortable patient ID solutions that provide cost-effective protection of critical patient information, while improving patient safety.  Just another step in dealing with the challenges of today’s healthcare environment. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.