The Wide World of Wristbands

Variety of Wristbands

What should you consider when looking for a product vendor? says one key area is expertise. “A supplier is more likely to be familiar with common quality issues related to your product if they have experience manufacturing a similar product. They’re more likely to be able to identify and fix problems proactively.”

IdentiPLUS Healthcare Solutions is a perfect example. Identiplus’ parent company, Artemax, is one of the largest manufacturers of wristbands in the world. In many of the world’s most visible locations, wristbands from the Artemax family are in use, including the Ryder Cup, NBA games and at venues large and small.

While cost savings (15% - 20% on average) is important, Identiplus can provide savings along with an extensive product line, made-in-the USA quality and confidence in your supply chain. With that said, due diligence is needed when considering a new supplier, especially one in the medical field. 

When your medical facility is considering a primary or secondary vendor for a product, it pays to search for supplier competency. suggests, “Look at how competent the supplier is. Make a thorough assessment of their capabilities, and measure them against your needs. Then look at what other customers think. Look for customers whose needs and values are similar to yours, to ensure the information you gather is relevant to your organization.”

Artemax has been in business for 27 years and produces millions of wristbands every year. If you lined up the wristbands produced in one year, you could circle the Earth over 70 times. In addition, Artemax's brands have over 50,500 5 star reviews on Shopper Approved. 

Expertise. Value. Quality. Competency. Key ingredients to building a strong vendor relationship.