2024 Healthcare Trends

Trends That Will Shape Healthcare in 2024

What societal trends will impact healthcare in 2024? Forbes Magazine identifies a longer-living population, new transformative technologies, and continued global economic uncertainty. And while AI-driven tools will enhance care for aging populations, projected economic challenges and financial pressures underscore the need for healthcare institutions to prioritize cost-reductions.   

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that by 2030, 1-in-6 individuals will be age 60+, and by 2050, this number will almost double. We know the elderly require more support as they continue to age, posing challenges for hospitals, nursing homes and hospice care facilities. Already in 2024, healthcare systems are adapting to this demographic shift.  

AI is expected to streamline healthcare workflows and documentation, allowing professionals to enhance their level of care in 2024. For example, new-and-improved virtual healthcare assistants and chatbots will help to eliminate clinician’s time-consuming administrative duties, freeing them up to focus on their patients.  

Experts predict that the only economic certainty in 2024 is continued uncertainty. Healthcare institutions are expected to face continued financial pressure, grappling with higher labor costs, low operating margins and inflation.

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