Fall Prevention: From Goal to Reality

The Center for Disease Control reports every second of every day, an older U.S. adult (age 65+) suffers a fall – making falls the leading cause of injury and injury death in this age group. One-in-four older U.S. adults falls each year. That’s why the National Council on Aging (NCOA) recognizes Sept. 18-24 as Falls Prevention Awareness Week.

Fall Risk Wristbands

It doesn’t have to be this way. NCOA reports fall prevention is a team effort between the person, their doctor and other community members. From family and friends to occupational and physical therapists, there are a number of individuals and groups that can help older adults remain healthy and independent. That even includes your local hardware store, which can assist in home modifications to improve safety.

Identiplus lends a hand, too, offering products with fall prevention and patient safety in mind:

o   Colorful alert clasps – Our clasps fit nicely on snap-closure wristbands, whether the patient requires one or multiple alerts. Colorful clasps are always visible on the main patient ID band; comfortable and easy to apply. 


o   Eye-catching alert wristbands – Identiplus offers narrow and standard alert wristbands in Tyvek® and poly materials. These display important messages so staff can quickly identify a fall risk or allergy alert, keeping the patient safe, and preventing errors and accidents


Fall prevention should be a group effort that includes loved ones, members of the community, health care professionals, and even products focused on safety. Growing that team for older adults leads to a safer, healthier environment.